Andreas Spiss

Architect & Designer

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Spiss – Austrian architect and designer for furniture
Born on May 4th, 1977
In: Fließ (Tirol, Austria)

Education: Apprenticeship in carpentry; studies at the polytechnical institute of structural engineering in Imst (Tirol, Austria); studies of architecture with specialization in design at the Technical University of Innsbruck; graduate degree by the supervision of visiting professor Benno Simma; various trainings abroad and internships. Nowadays, working as an independent architect and designer with offices in Fließ (Tirol, Austria) and Völkermarkt (Kärnten, Austria).

The Austrian architect and designer Andreas Spiss focusses his work primarily on the creation of not only elegant, but also useful, multipurpose objects. Due to his broad background as a carpenter, he does not only possess an innate knowledge of the handicraft, but also an insatiable curiosity for new technologies in his field. This is what drives him unremittingly to tinker on pieces of furniture and objects in his design workshop “HOCHINHAUS” in order to convert them into objects that can be easily modified, folded, enlarged, reduced, stretched, compressed or altered in any other way he could envision.

This technique enables him to produce compact pieces of furniture which are mainly made of his favorite materials like wood and metal. These special objects inspire not only with their amazing flexibility but also with their compelling combination of pure functionality with linear aesthetics – these are all features that a “future classic” should exhibit.

As a certified energy consultant, A. Spiss is likewise taking account of the sustainability and durability of his creations. The purchase of a piece designed by A. Spiss is therefore “an acquisition for life”.